At BIB COSMETICS we believe that imperfection is beauty. We are here to provide you with high quality, natural, handmade, small batch cosmetics that are formulated using skincare ingredients to ensure your skin stays its healthiest at all times. We want all individuals feeling their absolute best at all hours of the day and most importantly feeling comfortable in their bare skin.



BIB COSMETICS is a cruelty free makeup company with skin friendly ingredients. We spend lots of time going through testing to ensure each and every gloss is non sticky, glossy and has the most butteriest texture.

Each of our products contain large amounts of hydrating butters and oils such as shea butter, castor oil, vitamin e oil and more to ensure every swipe gives you the most delicious texture.

The best part about our products is that they are not only formulated to make you look and feel good but to also help treat your skin underneath.





BIB COSMETICS was launched by Danielle Ricci Simms in 2020. The idea of this brand started right when COVID hit. Danielle was struggling to figure out what her future would look like. She had always had a passion for makeup and skincare and she figured with all of the time she had she should start putting more time and effort into those two. She started creating makeup and skincare videos and started studying deep into the science behind skincare. During this time she started focusing more on her skin and realized that a lot of her makeup was breaking her out. This is where BIB COSMETICS came to be. Danielle wanted to  create a makeup brand that would double as skincare, while wearing our products you are also treating your skin. No breakouts and visible results.