Meet the Creator

Hey Babe, my name is Danielle Simms and I am the creator of BIB COSMETICS which I created in September of 2020. I was working 3 jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, and became so tired of working for other people and not putting to use my credentials that I worked so hard for. I wanted to share my passion for cosmetics and skincare and turn it into a business. I created this company to bring everyone a cosmetics line that was easy to use, versatile, and fun, while achieving beneficial results and caring for the skin underneath. I wanted to create a brand where people would be able to feel more confident in their bare skin and to educate others on the importance of skincare. Due to unrealistic beauty standards influenced by social media, we often forget that our bare skin is beautiful!

 BIB COSMETICS is more than just a brand, it’s a community filled with beautiful people who have beautiful energy and are always willing to take risks! It’s a community filled with all genders who are not afraid to go bare and who are ready to take the next step into caring for their skin! All of my products are carefully formulated to bring you the best application and provide you with results. Whether it be finding the perfect gloss that is non sticky, or finding a lip treatment to wear before bed that will have you waking up with gorgeous, soft, and supple lips! All of my products go through extensive testing stages and are formulated to give you the best results! 

    There is more to come and I cannot wait to share it with you all! Shop local! Support a fellow black business and let me help you take that first step into properly caring for your skin in the right way!